Edward L. Hoffman, M.D. • Developmental Pediatrician

Board Certified by American Board of Pediatrics in

Pediatrics, Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics, & Neurodevelopmental Disabilities






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To My Special Patients and Families,


Special Care Pediatrics, P.A., the private practice of Dr. Edward L. Hoffman, will be closing as of Friday, October 17, 2014. Special Care Pediatrics, P.A. opened thirteen years ago, on October 1, 2001. We are closing because the financial pressures on a solo medical practice, particularly one that does not do procedures, have become too immense. Insurance reimbursements, particularly, do not cover the costs of running a private practice in Developmental Pediatrics. As a result, Kansas City will lose the only private practice in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities and in Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics in the entire metropolitan area. Options for families moving forward include Children’s Mercy Developmental Medicine & Behavioral Sciences (816-234-3674 or 913-696-8261), KU Med Center for Child Health and Development (913-588-5900), area Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists, and area Pediatric Psychologists and Counselors.


Your child’s Medical Records will be stored for 10 years (from last seen) at Jayhawk File Express.

A request form is enclosed.

Contact info is:

               Jayhawk File Express                       Phone 785-232-9443                      fax 785-232-9130

               601 SE 5th Street

               Topeka KS 66607                             Email     esmith@jayhawkfile.com


Some of you have asked if I am retiring. Alas, the aforementioned “financial pressures” means retirement is not an option, but I hope that I have a lot of medicine, knowledge and experience left in me to practice and share. I have been fortunate to find another opportunity, just not locally.

I will be in the Section of Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Pediatrics of the University of Colorado, in the Child Development Unit at Children’s Hospital Colorado in Denver. Appointments 720-777-6630


Thank you, and your children, for the trust, and even the affection, you have shown me these past thirteen years. I treasure the many special memories this endeavor has afforded me.  I have no regrets.


Most Sincerely,



Edward L. Hoffman, M.D.